Non Surgical Root Canal

root canal

What is a root canal?

A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed, well over 14 million every year. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need of dental implants or bridges.

At the center of your tooth is pulp. Pulp is a collection of blood vessels that helps to build the surrounding tooth. Infection of the pulp can be caused by trauma to the tooth, deep decay, cracks and chips, or repeated dental procedures. Symptoms of the infection can be identified as visible injury or swelling of the tooth, sensitivity to temperature or pain in the tooth and gums.

How is a root canal performed?

If you experience any of these symptoms, your dentist will most likely recommend non-surgical treatment to eliminate the diseased pulp. This injured pulp is removed and the root canal system is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. This therapy usually involves local anesthesia and may be completed in one or more visits depending on the treatment required. Success for this type of treatment occurs in about 90% of cases. If your tooth is not amenable to endodontic treatment or the chance of success is unfavorable, you will be informed at the time of consultation or when a complication becomes evident during or after treatment. We use local anesthesia to eliminate discomfort. You will be able to drive home after your treatment, and you probably will be comfortable returning to your normal routine.

GentleWave System

We are excited to be the first Endodontic practice in Northern Colorado to offer this technology.  The GentleWave System has been successfully used in over 50,000 cases and by hundreds of practitioners throughout the country.  It is by far the most innovative technology in the field of Endodontics today. It couples advanced fluid dynamics with broad spectrum acoustic energy to remove bacteria, debris, tissue, smear layer and even bio-film from the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system that can not be reached by standard root canal treatment, decreasing the chance of failure over time.  Allows us to conserve more tooth structure and better maintain the integrity of the tooth.  It is less invasive and a more comfortable treatment approach for patients, reducing post-operative discomfort.

What happens after treatment?

When your root canal therapy has been completed, a record of your treatment will be sent to your restorative dentist. You should contact their office for a follow-up restoration within a few weeks of completion at our office. Your restorative dentist will decide on what type of restoration is necessary to protect your tooth. It is rare for endodontic patients to experience complications after routine endodontic treatment or microsurgery. If a problem does occur, however, we are available at all times to respond. To prevent further decay, continue to practice good dental hygiene.

How much will it cost?

The cost associated with this procedure can vary depending on factors such as the severity of damage to the affected tooth and which tooth is affected. In general, endodontic treatment is much less expensive than tooth removal and replacement with an artificial tooth.

Northern Colorado Endodontics

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I had to have an urgent root canal performed. I absolutely felt cared for and about from the moment my call was answered on the first ring. I billing and insurance went VERY well. As for my surgeon: I actually fell asleep during the Root Canal!

- roy b

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Highly recommend. This is an excellent medical group.

- Thomas F

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Was so pleased with my visit. From the great friendly staff, to Dr. Bergo who was awesome! I highly recommend

- Lucretia R

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Best dentist appointment ever and it was a root canal! Didn't feel a thing other than a tickle in my nose! Did I mention that I am a dental phobic and have very sensitive teeth. Everyone was very supportive and made me very comfortable. I will be recommending the Dr. Galen Geraets and his staff to all I meet! Thank you so much!

- Susan H

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Just wanted to reassure anyone in need of root canal treatment that this practice provides an incredible experience. I’ve been through a few of these in another state and my experience here was by far the best I’ve ever had. Absolutely no comparison! I honestly didn’t feel a drop of pain during or after my visit & Dr. Geraets and his assistant Maurine clearly went out of their way to make sure that was my experience. I struggle with severe dental phobia so I’m appreciative beyond words for their kindness & all they did to make the entire experience so easy. It was quite honestly one of the easiest things I’ve ever had to do. Thank you so very, very much! I am so happy that the pain I was experiencing before the appointment is completely gone. Yippee! I am truly grateful!

- Lisa C

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Very understanding when I explained my personal feelings towards dentist professionals due to past experiences. Extremely courteous, caring, thoughtful during my procedure. Recommend Dr. Galen and staff for any service they provide.

- Diana J

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It is never easy having any mouth procedures done. Thanks so much for making this not as bad 🙂

- Dina R

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I was scheduled for a consultation last minute and was in significant pain, Doctor Bergo made sure to get my situation taken care of immediately!

- Jim S

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A root canal is an intimidating procedure for anyone, including those of us with a high pain threshold. I was caught off-guard the morning of my diagnosis: a root canal was the furthest thing on my mind. I am now a few days into recovery from the therapy: all is settling down, pain subsiding, nicely. I anticipate a smooth final recovery. I am very grateful to the staff, including Dr. Troxel and his dental assistant, for their skill, team effort, and calm demeanor. They are both quite extraordinary!! Thank you, NCE.

- Jean M

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I would HIGHLY recommend Northern Colorado Endodontics to any & everyone in need of their services!! Not only was the staff extremely friendly, but everyone there goes above & beyond to, put you at ease, to make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process, that you know what to expect before & after the procedure, to make sure you are well educated on what exactly they’re doing, & reassure you that if you do have further questions or concerns, to contact them for resolution. It was, by far, the best experience I have ever had, having to have a root canal done. It was quick, painless, & executed so smoothly. I appreciate everyone there!! Thanks so much!!

- Erin W

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Dr. LeValley deserves my thanks. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to have a caring, careful, and genuinely concerned professional perform my treatment. My past experiences elsewhere were definitely not any of the above. What a relief to be able to put my trust and tooth in such capable hands. Thanks to Dr. LeValley and his assistant!

- Connie P

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I have had numerous root canals over my later life, with 4 different endodontists. Dr. Bergo takes the top prize for care, manner, professionalism, and efficiency. How does he do it? He takes the time to understand the problem, and carefully worked to identify the specific issue and tooth involved. He was meticulous in his approach, and used the 3-D X-ray to great effect, making sure everything was just right. He was very painless, for a ROOT CANAL!!! That is how far the technology and anesthetics have come, but also how the dentist operates. His Assistant Allison is one a million also, very precise, calm, careful, and efficient beyond understanding. A great team for your next root canal. I am now recovering with only minor discomfort, handled with Ibuprofen. Way to go NCE!

- John A

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A very quick and painless visit! Dr. LeValley was very informative and kind! I would definitely recommend this office to anyone!

- Kelsey C

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